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Sustainable Drainage Design

The preferred approach to the management of rainfall runoff from development sites is SUDS – Sustainable Drainage Systems, as this approach avoids the potential hydrological and pollution problems associated with conventional drainage.

SUDS promotes the incorporation of source control techniques to collect, treat, store and control runoff prior to discharge. SUDS devices mimic natural drainage as much as possible and often have an array of amenity and biodiversity benefits.

A Sustainable Drainage system, underpinned by current legislation, planning conditions and design guidance, has a number of aims:

  • Flood Control
  • Pollution Prevention
  • Improved Water Quality
  • Water Recover and Re-use
  • Reduced impact on the natural environment
  • Promotion of biodiversity
  • Placemaking

We have a straightforward approach to SUDS design and the starting point for each unique project is to assess the project specifics, project limitations and client expectations whilst considering the associated technical aspects.   We will assign a dedicated project engineer, supported by the whole team, who will work with the client to determine the project deliverables to ensure we create a design that is commercially viable and compliant in all aspects of regulatory requirements.

Throughout the design creation we will regularly review the potential for incorporating sustainable techniques to reduce the overall carbon footprint and environmental impact associated with the solution.

In the field of Sustainable Drainage EPG are internationally recognised trainers. We work closely and partner with organisations such as CIRIA and the EA to provide workshops and introduce new design methods and disseminate best practice.

Our SUDS Design service comprises:

  • Specialist advice on conceptual designs and planning approval
  • Detailed design of SUDS (including Blue-Green Roofing)
  • Pre-development Enquiries
  • Connection Applications (Water Authorities, Canal & Rivers Trust etc)
  • Associated geotechnical and structural assessments
  • Management and maintenance procedures for SUDS
  • Rainwater harvesting and re-use design
  • Modelling and optimisation of large and complex drainage networks in Microdrainage or XP Drainage design software.
  • Technical support and validation of SUDS systems

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