Sustainable Water Management

Public Health Engineering

Proficiently designed waste water systems are important to healthy, sustainable buildings. There are advantages to a well-designed, appropriate Sustainable Water management system; saving water and saving energy associated with its use (e.g. pumping – heating).

Our expertise in completing challenging designs ranging from high-rise building drainage, rainwater and waste water recovery and re-use systems along with site-wide building drainage designs incorporating Sustainable Drainage Systems (SuDS), provides a platform to assist clients to create resilient buildings through efficient, effective water management design.

We are conversant with National, European and the major International Standards and our ethos is to strive to create ‘beyond standard’ solutions to develop systems that provide resilient water and energy saving installations to achieve BREEAM and LEED® ratings.

Working closely with the project design team we can help to provide integrated building services.

Sanitary pipework and drainage

We have extensive experience in the design of foul water and waste water drainage systems within the built environment, ranging from single dwellings, to high rise multi-use developments. Our experience extends to below slab drainage and external below ground drainage and waste water treatment systems.

Rainwater pipework and drainage

Building Rainwater drainage systems are becoming more complex with the use of SuDS techniques being incorporated into the design. As a leading designer (and trainer) in the design and implementation of sustainable source control rainwater systems, we can work with the client and design team to develop innovative, compliant and commercially viable schemes.

Drainage Surveys

We have extensive experience in undertaking internal drainage surveys on problematic installed drainage systems, reviewing and assessing design, as-installed drawings, non-intrusive and intrusive surveys, standards compliance and technical reports.

Our Public Health Engineering Design service comprises:

  • Specialist advice on conceptual designs and planning approval
  • Plumbing pipework systems design
  • Rainwater pipework systems design
  • Building Sustainable Drainage design
  • Modelling and optimisation of complex building sustainable drainage networks in Microdrainage or XP Drainage design software.
  • Rainwater recovery and reuse
  • Waste water recovery and reuse
  • Below ground drainage pipework systems design
  • Technical support and validation of Foul and Rainwater drainage systems
  • Drainage surveys, technical assessments and reports

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    Sustainable Water Management

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