Sustainable drainage design

With traditional drainage creaking under the pressure of climate change coupled with a growing population, an increasingly successful and popular way to manage rainfall runoff from development sites is by implementing Sustainable Drainage Systems (SuDS). SuDS have a multitude of benefits and help to avoid the potential hydrological and pollution issues commonly associated with conventional drainage. 

SuDS promote the incorporation of source control techniques to collect, treat, store and control runoff prior to discharge. SuDS devices mimic natural drainage as much as possible and often have an array of amenity and biodiversity benefits in addition to their core purpose.

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We have a straightforward approach to SUDS design. The starting point for each project is to assess the specific requirements, project limitations and client expectations whilst considering the associated technical aspects. We always assign a dedicated project engineer, supported by the whole team, who will determine the deliverables following a collaborative process with the client. This thorough approach at the outset helps ensure a design that is commercially viable and compliant.

Throughout the design process we will regularly review the potential for incorporating sustainable techniques to reduce the overall carbon footprint and environmental impact associated with the solution.

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Our SuDS design service comprises:

  • Specialist advice on conceptual designs and planning approval
  • Detailed SuDS designs – specialists in resolving niche challenges (including blue-green roofing and Smart/intelligent SuDS)
  • Retrofit SuDS designs including pervious paving, street and verge raingardens, bioswales and tree pits
  • NFM designs from outline to detailed designs
  • Pre-development enquiries and advice
  • Connection applications and Section 104 & 106 (WIA 1991) Applications
  • Associated geotechnical and structural assessments
  • Management and maintenance procedures for SuDS
  • Water security assessments, rainwater harvesting and re-use designs
  • Modelling and optimisation of large and complex drainage networks in Microdrainage, Causeway flow Infodrainage Ultimate, Tuflow and where required we have access to Infowork ICM design software
  • Technical support and validation of SuDS systems
  • Pavement design

Alongside EPG, STRI Group has a construction arm Carrick Construction. With its roots in building sustainable sports surfaces and facilities, Carrick has expertise in construction of blue-green infrastructure and regularly works alongside EPG on SuDS and natural flood management (NFM) projects. This enables us to offer construction services, with the assurance that delivery will be as per expert designs, with the two organisations working seamlessly together.

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