Basement Waterproofing

Buried Podium Waterproofing Design

As a recognised Specialist Structural Waterproofing Design Consultant (with 20+ years’ experience) our aim is to provide robust, cost-efficient and practicable waterproofing designs for buried and above ground podium decks.
In cases were the Podium decks are invariably linked to basements, we consider the deck to be an extension of the basement waterproofing design and apply the same rigorous risk-assessments.

Podium decks generally need to facilitate a range of overlying finishes associated with the use of the landscape, including maintenance or emergency vehicular access, soft planted landscaping, activity/play areas and water features. Additionally, podium decks are now routinely incorporated into sustainable drainage systems and utilised as water-attenuating ‘blue-roofs’. Our designs address the impacts associated with the deck use, which include drainage, irrigation, structural fixings, traffic loading and thermal insulation; our services extend to full hydrological modelling of the drainage and attenuation elements and structural analysis of the load cases for the overlying layers.

Our design creation considers the associated inputs of the broader design team including, but not limited to, the Structural Engineer, Architect and M&E Services Engineer along with the needs and requirements of the Contractor, Client and the Building Insurer.

All our fully warranted designs are undertaken by Civil Engineers and CSSW certified specialists.

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    Basement Waterproofing

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