Structural Waterproofing

The continued growth in development has seen increased incorporation of basements beneath buildings in urban, suburban and even rural locations. Basements, particularly in cities, are expanding in depth and size with the space progressively being used for activities that are much more sensitive and susceptible to damp and water ingress.

Basements and other substructures can leak both during and after construction and the consequences of leaking substructures are numerous and invariably result in costs associated with remedial works, delays to programme in construction and expenditure and disruption to the building operation after construction.

Therefore, the significance and benefit of a robust risk assessment and appropriate waterproofing design is extremely important to all development stakeholders and the Structural Waterproofing Consultant needs to consider a broader range of parameters that will impact on the waterproofing design and requires a collaborative approach with the associated designer and construction team.

EPG has an excellent track record in the delivery of exemplary, innovative designs.

Structural Waterproofing

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