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Landfill, Ground Gas and VOC Assessment

As a Company we are proud of the fact that we have contributed to much of the guidance on landfill, ground gas and VOC assessment within the UK; including British Standards BS8576, BS8485, CIRIA Reports C665, C735 and C748, Claire Research Bulletin RB17 and Claire Technical Bulletins TB16 and TB17.   In addition to this we have authored peer reviewed papers in journals and presented training courses in the UK and worldwide. We also produce Ground Gas Information Sheets on topics of interest – See Here

Having undertaken work on an extensive number of projects for developers, local authorities and other consultants to produce robust gas risk assessments, we have produced reports that result in either complete or partial removal of the need for any gas mitigation measures such as gas membranes and underfloor venting or in ground vent trenches.

EPG can provide advice on:

  • Design of Ground Gas and VOC Investigations – minimise cost by targeted and well thought out strategies based on a comprehensive gap analysis that looks at what are the key uncertainties and what data is needed.
  • Gas and VOC Monitoring – EPG does not believe in gas monitoring for the sake of it. We can design cost effective monitoring strategies that collect enough data to robustly assess any risk.
  • Gas and VOC Risk Assessments – our industry leading gas risk assessments routinely use detailed quantitative risk assessment methods to provide a more robust indication of risk. We can achieve this due to the wealth of experience we have in gas and VOC assessment including geotechnical and construction expertise that we can visit during the gas risk assessment process and this option differentiates us from environmental scientists and others involved in gas risk assessment. We can say with confidence and experience that we regularly save clients significant cost by removing the need for gas mitigation systems.

Gas protection verification/validation

The installation of gas membranes, venting systems and other components often requires verification to ensure it complies with both good practice and the design. We have assisted in writing the standard industry guidance on this subject (CIRIA Repot C735 and CLAIRE Technical Bulletin TB16) and are part of a CLAIRE initiative to develop an accreditation scheme for verifiers.

We offer a service to assist clients with their verification requirements including inspection and testing of gas membranes and venting systems and post construction testing of underfloor venting systems using continuous monitoring methods. We also provide advice on QA sampling and laboratory testing of gas membranes to confirm the correct materials have been delivered to site.

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