New CIRIA Guidance on SuDS Use to Reduce Phosphorus

We are delighted to share the recently published CIRIA guidance, detailing the use of sustainable drainage systems (SuDS) and how they can be utilised in order to reduce phosphorus in surface water runoff. Finding effective ways to reduce phosphorus is important in improving quality of our water, and limiting the damaging impacts on local ecology. Over 100,000 homes are now being delayed across 74 local authorities as a direct result of potential excess nutrient pollution, of which phosphorus is a key contributor.


This document is co-authored by Phil Williams and Karolina Stachyra of the Environmental Protection Group, and provides good practice guidance on the use of SuDS for the reduction of phosphorus in runoff from new development to help developments become nutrient neutral. It sets out the necessary SuDS, deployed in ‘treatment trains’ to achieve phosphorus removal, particularly for sensitive receiving waters and nationally important nature conservation sites. It represents good practice surface water management through the use of SuDS and can be applied anywhere.


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