Geoenvironmental services

Geoenvironmental services

Our multi-disciplinary team of engineers, geologists and environmental scientists provide our clients with advice on ground conditions and the potential for soil or groundwater contamination, or hazardous ground gases on previously developed land. We undertake geoenvironmental assessments for the purpose of due diligence, obtaining planning approval or planning conditions discharge, and to inform remediation designs.

We also offer environmental monitoring services across ground, water and air as well as being able to provide equipment for continuous gas monitoring.

Why EPG?

Our team has unparalleled technical expertise. Our highly skilled and experienced geoenvironmental professionals include chartered geologists and engineers, environmental scientists and chemists. We hold multiple accreditations, award wins and are highly regarded within the industry as experts in our field.

EPG workers performing a ground gas monitoring visit

Offering a cost-effective, sustainable solution

We provide excellent value with the most efficient, sustainable and cost-effective solution for your site, saving you significant sums on expensive remediation or mitigation solutions. Our approach to remediation provides the lowest carbon solution for a site, whilst not compromising on environmental protection, safety or public health.

Navigating a development project through all the stages of investigation, risk assessment, remediation design and verification required can be a complicated process. If not managed correctly it can lead to disputes, uncertainty and unnecessary additional costs.

We can advise on the type of assessment required at each stage and offer the complete service. Our independence from site investigation contractors means that we will not specify unnecessary and costly intrusive works if these are not needed. Our suite of ground contamination assessment services includes;

  • Phase 1 desk study and preliminary risk assessment
  • Design of phase 2 intrusive investigations
  • Human health, controlled waters, ground gas and VOC risk assessment
  • Detailed quantitative risk assessment
  • Remediation strategies and design
  • Verification plans


We also undertake bespoke assessments for existing developments where potential risks are identified, i.e. under Part 2A of The Environmental Protection Act. We have specialist expertise in landfill sites and assessments, and complete assessments for environmental permits and permit surrender.

Complementary services that join the dots in complex cases

Remediation solutions, particularly for complex sites such as landfills, are often not joined up between disciplines. This can lead to disjointed solutions and less effective designs.

We also offer environmental monitoring services across ground, water and air as well as being able to provide equipment for continuous gas monitoring.

  • Human health risk assessment from contaminated soil
  • Controlled waters risk assessment for protection of drinking water supplies and the environment
  • Asbestos in soil, including detailed quantitative risk assessments
  • Vapour intrusion from VOC
  • Ground gas migration and ingress into buildings
  • Geotechnical engineering, including earthworks design, settlement and slope stability
  • Landfill engineering, permitting and risk assessments

Understanding risk – ground gas and VOC risk assessment and design

Occasionally, over conservative ground gas risk assessments recommend protection measures on low-risk sites, and they’re not always necessary.

The specialist team at EPG routinely undertakes assessments to show that ground gas protection measures are not required or can be reduced, due to our expert knowledge in this area. We have expertise in all types of ground gas risks:

  • Landfill gas
  • Coal mine gas
  • Radon
  • VOC

Seeking confidence that planning won’t delay your development project?

Achieving swift approval from local authority or environmental regulators on environmental planning conditions is a universal challenge in the development sector.

We are trusted advisors to local authorities across the UK, providing training, advice and reviews to the sector on a regular basis. Our standing in the industry fosters trusted relationships with regulators and officers. Our scientifically justified assessments and clear and concise reports enable rapid acceptance and discharge of contaminated land conditions.

We are proud to have written, or contributed to, the majority of the UK standards and guidance relating to ground gases. Find out more on our technical forum.


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