Environmental monitoring

When developing any site, understanding risk is a vital first step. Data is crucial to inform decision making and implement strategies to mitigate risk.

Our monitoring team operates independently to our consultancy, providing monitoring contracting services where necessary with the benefit of being able to collaborate with our expert consultants.

EPG offers cost-effective monitoring solutions that align with environmental compliance and best practices, ensuring optimal value. We deliver specialised and independent field monitoring and sampling services worldwide.

We provide ground gas sampling and monitoring, ensuring a thorough understanding of sub-surface conditions. Additionally, our expertise extends to soil vapour sampling and monitoring, encompassing rigorous integrity testing protocols. Groundwater sampling and monitoring are integral components of our services, providing valuable insights into sub-surface water quality.

Surface water sampling and monitoring further demonstrate our commitment to a holistic approach, comprehensively addressing environmental concerns. Our proficiency in surface emission walkover surveys, including flux chamber testing, enables us to meticulously assess emissions and their impact. These capabilities underscore our dedication to delivering thorough, reliable, and state-of-the-art environmental solutions for our clients.

Our highly skilled team implements on-site sampling, testing, and environmental measurements, collaborating with laboratories as necessary to deliver complex projects.

Data driven solutions

Our starting point is to thoroughly understand the finer details of the site and what this will mean for your project, allowing us to provide options of monitoring methods most suited to you.  Depending on our findings, we can modify our approach and adapt immediately to the situation.  Data drives our thought process and helps contextualise the next steps.

Always following best practice

Our team is actively involved in committees that draft standards in the UK and overseas. We are consistently up to speed with the latest technologies and innovative methods, ensuring clients have the latest technology and guidance at their disposal.

Finding solutions to complex issues  

Complex problems often require complex solutions, but that doesn’t mean they should jeopardise the financial viability of a project. EPG can design and carry out monitoring programmes that discharge planning conditions while building robust lines of evidence to assist in mitigation designs or remediation specifications, decreasing the overall project cost by removing or limiting over-conservative and onerous monitoring programmes.

Environmental permit support 

Environmental permits can be costly to maintain with annual fees and penalties for non-conformance. The EPG team has experience of meeting permit requirements, amending and discharging permits and supporting clients in moments of breach by identifying other sources or contributing factors. We work collaboratively with clients and the Environment Agency to significantly decrease their burden, or remove it all together.


EPG has the resource to mobilise globally if required and can respond in the UK within 24 hours. We work with our supply chain to ensure sampling consumables and equipment is available so we can provide emergency responses to incidents or meet the demands of expectant developers, regulators or other stakeholders.

environmental monitoring

Designing the best strategy for you

We take pride in our ability to develop tailored, forward-thinking plans that address your unique needs. Our dedicated team, driven by a passion for environmental stewardship, ensures that these strategies not only meet but exceed regulatory requirements. In this collaborative journey, we will provide solutions that are not only effective but also considerate of our shared responsibility to safeguard the environment.  

Together, let’s forge a path towards sustainable practices, where our monitoring strategies serve as beacons of assurance, guiding organisations toward a harmonious coexistence with our precious ecosystems. 

We acknowledge things don’t always go to plan, this can be anything from project timelines to variations in requirements. EPG has experience of working collaboratively with all manner of stakeholders on projects, from large civils schemes where access constraints mean close liaison with members of the public, to monitoring in situations where there may be risk to public health on a small residential scale.  

To talk to us about your project please fill in the form below, email us on enquiries@epg-ltd.co.uk or talk to us on 01925 652983.   

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