Continuous ground gas monitoring

Our continuous monitoring service provides live field data from remotely deployed sensors, directly to consultant and client web browsers. This means live ground gas, ground water/surface water quality and level measurements can now be viewed live from the comfort of the office, reducing the number of mobilisations to site and making this a more sustainable approach that is less carbon intensive. Furthermore, decreased site time decreases the potential for H&S incidents to occur.

EPG has a rich history of industry collaboration to support innovative approaches and product development. In 2014, EPG forged a partnership that culminated in the development of the GasfluX complete ground gas continuous monitoring device. Building on this partnership, we have expanded our capabilities, integrating other sensor technologies to deliver groundwater quality, ambient air and soil vapour remote continuous monitoring.

A transformative partnership with remarkable results

Leveraging our deep understanding of the industry, we played a pivotal role in the development of a groundbreaking product – GasfluX. GasfluX stands out as the first complete continuous monitoring device that seamlessly integrates borehole flow measurement and real-time weather data. Recognising the importance of accessibility and user-friendliness, we contributed to the creation of an intuitive customer portal. This portal facilitates live data viewing and enables rapid analysis, providing clients with a powerful tool to gain actionable insights.

We provide live data directly to your portal that includes methane, carbon dioxide, oxygen, flow concentrations, total volatile organic compounds and more. The office-based team is regularly reviewing to validate its accuracy, ensuring when a project comes to its conclusion, all data is present and correct.

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In-house product and software development

Always willing to adapt, we are continuously learning from industry and client feedback, enabling us to evolve our platforms to integrate the newest technologies and help drive the production of innovative guidance.

Certainty without costing time

Traditional ground gas monitoring takes months of visits to gain a defensible understanding of prevailing ground conditions, costing time and often leading to inefficiency.

What takes months following the traditional method, takes weeks or even days with continuous monitors. Bigger datasets equal a greater certainty in conclusions and confidence in findings from regulators. GasfluX means we can remotely deploy equipment, decreasing health and safety risks through limiting site time while gathering more data, plus the live viewing of data through the client web portal ‘ambilytics’ expedites decision making, meaning you can be led by the data presented.

Getting to the end of a monitoring programme and finding out there has been equipment faults or an insufficient variety of data collected can lead to delays and inconsistency in planning. With our web portal, our team monitors and completes daily checks and involves AI that looks at data and notifies the technical team of potentially spurious results or faulty sensors. The portal delivers live weather data, allowing clients to view atmospheric and other weather trends to ensure worst-case scenarios have been captured before a deployment ends.

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Complex projects require complex solutions, but they shouldn’t cost the earth.

Our team has the technical know-how to integrate the latest sensor technology, building bespoke systems for projects, as not all projects are the same. Our development work is not limited to ground gas, we have direct experience deploying air quality, groundwater and surface water quality sensors; all with remotely viewable data. We even have projects that combine all these capabilities.

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