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The term SuDS is associated primarily with the physical management of rainfall to help prevent flooding, assist in re-use via harvesting and to improve water quality. However, although these aspects are extremely relevant and important, sustainable water management extends well beyond this as a critical integrated component of the greater environmental sustainability system that addresses broader issues such as Improving biodiversity, reducing urban heat island effects and carbon footprint reduction and creating amenity.

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Potentially hazardous gases may exist in the ground naturally, or be present as a consequence of ground contamination resulting from former use of the site. Typical potentially hazardous gases include methane, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, hydrogen sulphide and often a variety of volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

Government planning policy promotes and supports the redevelopment of ‘Brownfield’ sites; hence the assessment of potential hazards posed by the presence of ground gases and the design of appropriate mitigation measures (if required) are routine requirements in the planning and construction process.

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The continued growth in development has seen increased incorporation of basements beneath buildings in urban, suburban and even rural locations. Basements, particularly in cities, are expanding in depth and size with the space progressively being used for activities that are much more sensitive and susceptible to damp and water ingress.

Basements and other substructures can leak both during and after construction and the consequences of leaking substructures are numerous and invariably result in costs associated with remedial works, delays to programme in construction and expenditure and disruption to the building operation after construction.

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Experience is fundamental in today’s constantly changing, dynamic engineering environment and it is important that consultants have the experience and skills to translate expertise into solutions that will work for the client.

Regular training (continuous professional development or CPD) can greatly enhance experience by providing a platform for ensuring employee’s skills and knowledge remain up-to-date, which in turn leads to a competitive business edge, improved staff morale, job satisfaction...

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